Arrange your debts yourself

Home If you have smaller, starting debts, it is sometimes possible to work out a solution yourself. The Nibud website helps you to determine how much repayment space you have and how you can divide this between the creditors. You make a repayment plan that states exactly which scheme you can propose to which creditor. Sample letters help to turn this plan into action.

Tip : If you are unable to pay an invoice, please contact the relevant authority directly and tell them that you are working on a solution. This prevents bigger problems.


Debt-free in six steps

The aflostool on guides you in six steps to a plan of action for your money problems. In addition, you will find a lot of background information on the website about solving debts and the working methods of creditors. And you can use handy sample letters.

How does the repayment plan work?

Action list Your end result is an action list to solve your debts in a realistic way.
To achieve this result, start at:

  • Step 1: You make an overview of all debts and payment arrears
  • Step 2: You fill in a few details about your household, such as your home, your car and your income.
  • Step 3: The tool guides you through all expenses in a household, filling in your actual costs
  • Step 4: You now see the totals of your income and expenses at a glance. It becomes clear what room there is for redemption. 
  • Step 5: The tool now calculates a redemption proposal whereby your repayment area is divided over all creditors.
  • Step 6: Now you have the ready-made action plan to make arrangements with your creditors, helped by sample letters.

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takes immediate action in case of payment arrears

What else can you do?

Solve faster with your extras

Try to pay the repayments as much as possible in time to avoid extra costs. An annual overview can help. Write down your income and expenses per month and see in which months you have money left.

Try to pay as much as possible or even everything at once. This is possible if you have a few extras a month. For example, you can use your holiday allowance or the end-of-year bonus for the repayment of your debt.

Contact with your creditors

Always respond to a letter. Also from a collection agency or bailiff. This can prevent higher costs. Agree on a feasible payment arrangement that you can actually come to. Otherwise you will lose your credibility with the creditors.


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