Debt collection in your accounting program


Most self-employed people have experienced that a customer does not pay the bill. In Dinero you can send the bill to your customer directly to debt collection. Then we stand for the rest.

Send your customer to Debt collection with one click

Before you can forward your bill to debt collection, you must have sent two reminders to your customer (for details see more at the bottom of the page). 10 days after reminder 2 is sent, a debt collection button will appear at your bill in Dinero. Here you just click on the button, and your bill will be forwarded to our debt collection partner. It’s that easy!

No cure – no pay!

You can forward your bill to debt collection for free. Once sent, you will receive an email from the collection company, Collectia, and they will take care of your case and the communication with you thereafter. They will do the necessary work to get your money, and when that happens you will return your entire principal + your own imposed reminder fees to your Danish customers. Collectia lives on the fees, interest and collection costs imposed on your customer. In other words, it means that it’s completely FREE for you at your Danish customers.

For foreign customers, Collectia works with a commission that is distributed among 70/30. Ie 70% of the principal goes to you and 30% of the principal goes to them. In addition, Collectia charges a transfer fee of DKK 250 + the destination’s separate price list.

If the money cannot be obtained for various reasons (the customer’s business has gone bankrupt or the like), you must not pay a penny for the work with the withdrawal of the money – unless you choose to proceed with the case. Read more about the course of the case here if you choose to proceed with the claim.

Remember: You must have Dinero Pro in order to use the collection function. If you are Dinero Starter, you can upgrade below:

How long do I have to go before I can send the bill to debt collection?

In Dinero, you must send two reminders to your bill before you can initiate a collection case. You can send your first reminder immediately after the due date is exceeded. Then you have to go 10 days before you can send the 2nd reminder. If reminder no. 2 is also exceeded, you can then send it to debt collection.


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